What is Conscious Sedation?

IV Dental Sedation or Conscious Sedation Dentistry is a way of making you feel more at ease during treatment. It doesn’t put you to sleep like a general anaesthetic; you’re still conscious and able to talk with your dentist. Instead, it puts you into a deeply relaxed state, where you won’t feel any discomfort or pain.

If fear is stopping you from seeking dental treatment, you are not alone. Many people are nervous about visiting the dentist, and fear of the dentist is the main reason for delaying treatment. A vast number of people do not visit the dentist at all for many years unless an emergency occurs.

There are many causes of dental anxiety, and whatever the cause of your fear is, rest assured that at Eastbourne Gentle Dental, we will always treat you with the highest degree of care and respect and will work with you to help you get the treatment you need. 

We offer the option of treatment under intravenous (IV) sedation, and IV sedation is available for all dental procedures, from routine treatments to specialist procedures, as well as for oral surgery. Our dentists are trained and experienced in providing conscious sedation. Conscious Sedation will make you feel relaxed and almost unaware of the treatment. You will not be asleep and can communicate and cooperate with the dentist.

Who can Benefit from IV Sedation at Eastbourne Gentle Dental?

You don’t have to have dental anxiety to benefit from conscious sedation. At Eastbourne Gentle Dental every patient can benefit from Dental Sedation, including:

  • Patients with strong gag reflexes – Sedation can help reduce your state of consciousness and lessen the effects of a strong gag reflex.
  • For patients undergoing multiple lengthy procedures – conscious sedation will help them sit still and avoid feeling discomfort.
  • Patients with a low tolerance for pain – Patients who are very averse to pain or discomfort may want to take advantage of sedation dentistry.


What are the advantages of intravenous sedation?

The main advantage of intravenous sedation is you quickly become relaxed and calm but remain in control while receiving pain-free treatment.  IV sedation is safe and potent when administered by a trained professional. The sedative drugs create such a soporific experience, most patients don’t even remember their visit to the dentist. A local anaesthetic will prevent you from feeling any pain in the nerves. Injections are administered only when you are already sedated and at ease.


Dental anxiety or are worried about an upcoming procedure, we will help you get the dental care you need. Book your Sedation Consultation and find out how.


£ 450/h
  • With our In House Sedation Expert

Dr Mina Messiha

In House Sedation Expert

BDS AinShams 2010, MFDS RCSEd, GBOI-DGZI, PGCert sedation, MSc Dentlmp GDC: 257271

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